Worry Free Open Infrastructure... is here!

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Deploy the full stack, half a stack, any layer independently... on any host, virtual or metal!

Once our stack is deployed, deploy your apps the same way, anywhere! Your developers will cheer you, and your accounting team will put your picture on the wall as their employee of the year!

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Open Doesn't Mean Small

Our systems where designed to run at scale, like Fortune 100 scale, while being open source!

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Scale to hundreds of servers, thousands of applications and services,  and 10's of thousands of users and customers per cluster!
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Security isn't Just a Buzzword Here

Our software was designed with our background in highly secure governmental systems, Fortune 100 Financial Systems, and other scenarios where security has to be first on the mind, not an afterthought! Every one of our software applications undergoes continuous scanning by a dozen different methods of security scanning and testing, and major versions are penetration tested to ensure your security sleeps well at night!

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Easy To Use

Developers deploy and continue just like they used to, and you don't need an army of help desk agents to help them get code to production! 

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Open Source means you can take this code to that tropical island in the southern hemisphere you were thinking about, or make it work with your existing infrastructure easily! 

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We Mean Any System

Outside of the Comodore64 some of you have hanging around, if it can run a Linux operating system, it can run our PenguinCloud stack!

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Layers Upon Layers

Nature has shown that layering of sediments and material builds strong foundations, and we are no different! Our stack is composed of multiple single scenario layers of technologies designed to allow you the freedom to choose what and how to deploy our software!

Natural control

Our readily available monitoring, self healing, and automatic load balancing software makes our stack go from perfect to mind boggling insanity of amazement! 

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